Lansdowne Resort Rooms Renovation

Leesburg, VA

In addition to the build-out of Spa Minerale at Lansdowne Resort and the construction of a new clubhouse and recreational pools, HITT was tasked with renovating and modernizing the resort‘s 296 guestrooms. Over the course of four months, while the hotel was occupied, all existing corridor and room finishes were replaced with new painted walls, ceilings, carpet, furniture, light fixtures, wall art, vinyl wallcoverings, as well as electrical and in-wall IT upgrades.

The renovations of a popular and occupied resort presented challenges to the project logistics throughout the renovation. Because of the noise restrictions of renovating a hotel in operation, work was completed during limited hours to minimize disruption to the guests. Materials were moved in and out of the building using a shared loading dock which required close coordination and scheduling with the hotel’s general manager. The team worked on an accelerated schedule and completed most floors ahead of schedule.

Project Highlights

ABC Excellence in Construction Award, Commercial / Residential Renovation, 2016