Collaborative Construction

It takes an architect to turn a client’s vision into a tangible plan but it is the general contractor’s job to coordinate the entire construction process and develop that plan into reality. Constructing buildings begins with building teams. Teamwork and collaboration between the Owner, architect, and contractor are the cornerstones of success on all of our projects. We pride ourselves as builders and problem solvers first and foremost because ideas, plans, and technology change, and it is our responsibility to offer the leadership to achieve our client’s goals. Our Base Building project teams are committed to quality construction and seamless project delivery through responsive, resourceful and relationship-driven management.  

Commercial office construction is rapidly evolving in response to the technological, cultural, and generational shifts redefining "business as usual."

Our award-winning Base Building sector is comprised of construction professionals who have the specific experience needed to manage the challenges and risks involved with new construction projects. More than ever, commercial buildings must be sophisticated and flexible for future growth with minimal impact to the environment.  We deliver high-performance built environments by approaching each project with safety, quality and the client’s budget and schedule goals as our top priorities.  

Two tower cranes against an early morning sky