Anniversary Story

Technology: Bridging the Generation Gap

Jim and Cris Landefeld

Jim and Cristofer Landefeld may be 30 years and a generation apart, but they’re both tech-savvy and forward-thinking. This father-son duo is just one example of HITT team members bridging the generation gap to drive innovation at HITT and challenge the building industry’s status quo.

Jim Landefeld joined HITT in late 1989 in our Building Construction department, the predecessor to today’s Base Building sector. He gained significant experience leading large-scale base building projects and also headed our Healthcare, Biotech and Major Projects sectors along the way.

Jim’s aptitude and curiosity for technology coupled with a passion for improving business processes define contributions we value at HITT. Jim was instrumental in the implementation of both our accounting management software and Procore for construction management, which have increased our productivity and improved our approach.

Jim instilled that same passion for technology in his son Cristofer. Cris received the gift of his first computer from his father as a young child, and Jim taught him everything he knew, sparking a similar curiosity for technology in his son. During high school and college summers, Cris interned in our IT department, later advancing to assistant project manager on the Base Building team. He continues to flex his tech talents on the construction jobsite, piloting HITT’s drone for aerial jobsite photography which is important to his work in virtual construction modeling.

Although it was Jim who introduced Cris to the world of computers, Cris has returned the favor in spades. “From our early days of building and programming computers to present day technical questions, Cris has actually taught me more than he realizes,” shared Jim. “No matter my challenge, when I call upon him for help he’s always ready to jump in.”