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Americon HITT Team Members
Americon HITT

When Vice President Cliff Chow joined HITT back in 1998, it never occurred to him that he would eventually lead our New York regional office. But while Cliff was busy delivering projects in DC, the idea of bringing HITT to New York was already percolating.

“We’ve always had an interest in New York City,” said Executive Vice President Steve Richbourg. “We weighed the options of organic growth versus acquisition, and strategically made our move when the conditions were right.”

Plans were put into motion in early 2015, with Cliff tasked to move to Manhattan and begin scouting opportunities for HITT’s entry into the New York market.

“During my research, I kept coming across Americon’s name,” said Cliff. “Subcontractors, Clients, and the design community all spoke favorably about the character of the firm and the capability of their team.”

“What we found with Americon was an organization with great people and a solid reputation. Both qualities were a driving force in our decision to make them a part of HITT Contracting,” said Steve. “We saw established credibility and future possibilities.”

Americon founders Eugene Canatta, Tom Prince, and Richard Cucci built a company known for personal integrity and professional quality. Blaise Ferrara, who now functions as a vice president of the newly-formed Americon HITT, seek to continue this tradition focusing on strong Client relationships, and continued growth in the New York market.

As for Cliff, although he may never have fathomed this turn of events, he couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Looking ahead, he has bold aspirations for his New York team.

“I want Americon HITT to be more than a regional office for the company,” said Cliff. “My goal is for New York to serve as a gateway to strengthen our national capabilities, allowing us to fully serve our Clients from coast to coast.”