Anniversary Story

Pride for the Brand

HITT Team in HITT Gear

It’s widely known at HITT that we wear our heart on our sleeves—and our chests, cuffs, and pockets—in the form of the company's logo. HITT Gear, which is what we call our branded apparel, is in high demand for our team members, as well as our Clients and partners.

Our marketing department has enough HITT Gear options to build out a wardrobe, ranging from vests and sweaters to athletic wear and coveted Carhartt camo gear. On their first day, new team members get a taste of the pride for our brand when they receive their first golf shirt. From there the collection grows with the projects delivered and milestones met.

“I often wear my gear on the weekends and it’s not uncommon for someone to stop me when they notice the logo and ask me if I work for HITT,” said Jeff Ferrara, an estimator on our Preconstruction team. “They usually have a positive story to share about their connection to the company and that makes me proud to work for such a respected brand.”

Co-President Jim Millar has a passion for HITT Gear, and also happens to have great taste and a generous spirit.

“The items we choose for our Clients are given with intention,” said Jim. “We want to put our name on the products that align with the type of quality we offer in our services.”

Chairman Russell Hitt is humble, and often forgoes the HITT logo on his Gear, but he requires the American flag on the items he chooses. There is a shared pride in country and company for so many here at HITT.  Graphics Manager Amanda Hopkins heeds that advice, selecting products of the highest quality, always choosing American-made when possible.

“For me, the bottom line is to give quality over quantity,” said Amanda.

While we are proud to show off our HITT Gear, we also love sharing it with friends. It’s our way of introducing ourselves, saying thank you, and reinforcing a connection. The spirit of HITT Gear shows we’re proud to work for HITT, but we’re also proud to work with partners like you.