Anniversary Story

Never Show Up Empty Handed

Peanut M&Ms

Known for his hospitality, Co-President Jim Millar has ground rules when it comes to professional interactions. One key guideline is that HITT team members should never show up to a meeting empty-handed.

Heeding that advice means we’re not just prepared with plans, permits, and other paperwork when we head out the door. We bring the snacks—specifically peanut M&Ms. These colorful, iconic candies have become a staple at HITT. They’re doled out by the (Tonka) truckful to featured subcontractors, gifted by the cupful to Clients, and shared frequently at other events.

So why M&Ms? For one, they’re a crowd pleaser! Anecdotal evidence shows us that nothing perks up the mood of late afternoon meeting better than something sweet. Beyond that, it’s the fact that we care about those we work with, and this simple gesture continues to be one of our favorite ways to show our appreciation and hospitable nature.