Anniversary Story


Part of the Magic

We all agree that our favorite jobs are the ones that are the most rewarding—the ones that challenge us to think critically, to adapt, and to build with the end-user in mind. Often that means considering employees in an office, patients in a hospital, or guests in a hotel.

Two projects we’ve collaborated on have required us to consider our end-users a little more carefully, as these special clients were children face life-threatening illnesses. Over the last two years, we've worked with Make-A-Wish® Foundation of the Mid-Atlantic to fulfill the wishes of Eli and Lily, respectively.

Both children faced their own unique health challenges that prevented them from running, jumping, and playing as other kids can. They each wished for a playspace designed for their needs, one that was accessible, imaginative, and tailored to them.  

Under the leadership of Peter Thaler, Senior Vice President of our Law Firms sector we granted those wishes. In 2015 we built Eli’s Treehouse alongside our long-time partners at LSM. The following year we delivered Lily’s Playground with help from our friends at HYL Architecture.  

While the work required wasn't too different than what our teams tackle on a daily basis, these special projects offered us a chance to connect to a project in a different way - not only with our hands, but with our hearts.

We’re grateful to Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic for allowing us to be a part of the magic.