Anniversary Story

Loyalty and Legacy

Montrose Jackson

Montrose Jackson started working at HITT 49 years ago, which, admittedly, is longer than many of our employees have been alive.

A fixture at our headquarters, Montrose Jackson has worked under all three generations of Hitt family members since joining the company in 1968. “I’m not sure that people realize just how connected he is to the fiber of this company,” said Manager Dan Clark, Montrose’s supervisor for the last decade. 

While he’s always worked in facilities management, his responsibilities have been many. Memorably, Montrose dutifully drove founder Myrtle Hitt to work for a period of time to ensure she arrived safely at the office by five AM.

Always an early bird, Montrose still makes it to the office by five. He’s known for his helpful nature, often coaching new team members and vendors, which comes naturally when you have nearly 50 years of experience.

 “Any time one of our team members locks their keys in their truck, Saint Montrose is the one to bail them out,” said Dan. The saint moniker is hardly hyperbole; he is selfless, trustworthy, and loyal. “Montrose is the salt of the earth. He has a wonderful personality, and never has a mean word to say about anyone,” continued Dan.

“He’s as steady as they come,” echoed Co-President Jim Millar. “I’ve never seen him in a bad mood.” His legacy was further cemented when a conference room was named in his honor at HITT headquarters. “He’s dedicated so much of his life to this company,” said Jim. “Naming the room for him is a small nod of thanks for his service.”

Ask him what he likes most about coming to work after all these years, Montrose says it’s the people. “I get a chance to know everyone; coming to work makes my day.” As humble as Montrose is, it’s unlikely he realizes that his own presence is the bright spot in so many other people’s days.