Anniversary Story

A Launchpad for Leadership

HITT Corporate Leadership Council

The Corporate Leadership Council (CLC) provides HITT’s top talent the opportunity to engage in the organization’s strategic growth. Formed in 2015, the CLC program aims to develop the next generation of HITT leaders by encouraging professional development, peer-to-peer mentoring, and executive training.

Participation in the CLC gives rising leaders unparalleled access to leadership, the chance to help develop innovative solutions, and the experience of participating in strategic planning.  Senior Project Manager Paul Zimmerman said, “In the CLC, we challenged the way HITT operates, analyzing data and developing solutions that translate nationwide and across our market sectors.”

Membership in the CLC is for rising leaders who have been nominated by a department or sector head.  Chaired by Executive Vice President Kim Roy, the team meets regularly to share information concerning trends, developments, common challenges, innovations, and resulting in a broader understanding of HITT’s operations.

“One of the most amazing things about the CLC experience is watching young leaders get out of their comfort zone and experience growth and change,” described Kim. “They form new relationships across sectors and regions, building bonds that will ultimately impact the company’s future.”

Each year, the team is charged with spearheading a unique initiative.  The CLC collaborates to research, develop, and implement corporate procedures and processes that improve our business operations today, but also position HITT for the future.

At HITT Contracting we don’t just point to where you need to go, we provide you with a roadmap and implementation tools to get you there.