Anniversary Story

Kim Roy

Executive Vice President Kim Roy

During Executive Vice President Kim Roy’s 18 years at HITT, she’s not only carved out an impressive career for herself, but also contributed greatly to the overall direction of our organization.

To say she has a well-rounded understanding of the company is an understatement. Kim has a deep knowledge of HITT, gained through her varied roles in the field, on the jobsite, and in the corporate office.

Kim currently leads our Healthcare sector and Strategic Services departments, two very different business units. According to President Brett Hitt, that dual functionality suits Kim’s skill set and ambition perfectly.

“Kim’s strengths in visioning, strategic planning, and executing are complimented by her organizational skills and ability to give clear direction," said Brett. "Her passion for our industry and selfless nature make her uniquely qualified to function as a leader, both in operations and corporate resources."

In 2015, Kim implemented HITT’s Corporate Leadership Council (CLC). Comprised of top performers from all areas of the company, the Council’s primary goal is to develop future executives and build HITT’s talent pipeline.

“The members of CLC experience a lot of growth during their time on the Council,” explained Kim. “Watching as they break down silos and build relationships across sectors and regions is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.”

In 2017, she continued to influence HITT’s executive management with her formation and leadership of the Enterprise Governance Committee (EGC).

“Kim embraces the expertise of her team members, listens to our opinions, and empowers us to contribute to the evolution of the organization,” said Director of Marketing Ashley Campbell, a member of the EGC. “She’s a change agent—always striving to make HITT a better builder, a better employer, and a better company.”

Kim’s forward-thinking and analytical mind continues to make an impact on the direction of the company. Her tireless work ethic and strategic vision has helped to make HITT who we are today and continues to shape the future of the company.

“Even as Kim has progressed through the company, her managerial style and focus hasn’t changed,” said Pete Bizic, a project executive in the Healthcare sector. “She remains detail oriented, and—above all else—passionate about building.”