Anniversary Story

Jeet Kharde

HITT Vice President Jeet Kharde is an analytical guy, which comes as little surprise for those who work for and with him. He’s observant, methodical, and precise; a combination that has allowed him to anticipate market trends and become a trusted advisor to his many developer Clients.

Four years ago, Jeet joined HITT to lead our Preconstruction department. With the ultimate goal of improving efficiency and accuracy, Jeet focused on two things: people and processes—improving team structure and dynamics while creating and streamlining the work they did.

He now has the team running like a well-oiled machine. Come bid day, they’re in the trenches, working together against the clock. Comprised of 14 estimating professionals, HITT’s preconstruction department is known for budget accuracy.

This is no small feat, as the team estimates more than 75 projects per year, with an average value of $40 million. The department, led by Senior Estimators Erin Cestero and David Pfirrmann, is a resource for our offices across the country.

Jeet continues to prove a leader that produces loyal team members. He now oversees our Virtual Construction department as well, leading the group with drive and precision.

While it’s nice to be nostalgic in our 80th year, that doesn’t keep us from looking ahead. Thanks to Jeet’s data-driven, analytic approach, we have a year-in-review glimpse at 2016, plus a snapshot of 2017 trends facing our industry. Read his take on where things stands.