Anniversary Story

Going the Extra Mile

Julio Castillo

The HITT Way, a collection of statements that describe our tenets for doing business, is prominently displayed in the lobby at our headquarters. “Good enough is never enough when we can do better,” is one of the cornerstones of The HITT Way, and is an approach that governs daily life for our team members.

The work that we do is a labor of love, and, for us going the extra mile is a detour that’s always worth taking. Co-President Jim Millar likes to say that we’re “humble and hungry” – we’re always working hard to ensure our next opportunity. 

For Project Foreman Julio Castillo, doing better meant stepping out of his construction role to walk a Client’s dogs. Julio and the Commercial Services team were installing a security system at a residential property, and the dogs weren’t fond of the crews that came and went from the jobsite. As the crew moved about, the pets barked loudly to express their displeasure.

Rather than continue to disrupt the neighbors and cause the family pets stress, Julio took on a new role: dog walker. Each day he took the dogs down to the park to run before the construction team arrived. Worn out from their romp, the dogs were content to leave the workers alone, choosing instead to take a nap.

“This is just the sort of thing Julio does,” said Senior Project Manager Randy Jackson. “He consistently strives to make sure our clients are 100% satisfied, and he’s willing to think outside of project expectations to achieve that goal.” 

The Client’s gratitude for Julio’s simple act lasted well beyond the job’s completion—he’s now requested as the foreman for all of this Client’s jobs. Like we said, good enough is never enough when we can do better.