Anniversary Story

Generations: Trottiers and Escobars

Trottier and Escobar Families

There’s no greater compliment a team member can give than referring a family member to work at HITT;  it tells us we’re doing right by our people. We are lucky that generations of families have chosen to work at HITT, making this a family business in more ways than one.

RJ Trottier recently retired from HITT after 29 years in the field. In his time here, he contributed greatly to the evolution of our company’s field operations, rising through the ranks to become one of our first Site Operations Vice Presidents. However, the impact RJ made on training, processes, and team members is only part of what he leaves behind. His greatest legacy is his son Adam Trottier, who is a HITT superintendent.

“Growing up, we didn’t have toys, we had tools,” recalled Adam. “I’ve had an interest in construction since I could swing a hammer.” The success of his father’s career and the resulting appeal of the industry were an inspiration, but his path here at HITT was Adam’s choice. What started as a part-time job in high school has evolved into a successful career in site operations.

“Adam proved he has the backbone to be in this business,” said RJ. “There are times when I could’ve helped him along, but he’d always tell me ‘No, Pop. I can do it myself.’”

That dedication was undoubtedly passed down from father to son. “My dad taught me to work hard and be honest,” recalled Adam. “I’m mindful of that every day, working with our Subcontractors to go above and beyond what our scope of work is to make sure our Clients are happy.”

“It’s hard to leave all of this as I retire. Aside from raising my family, it’s been the other half of my life,” said RJ. “I’m humbled to know that my legacy continues through Adam.”

The Escobar family’s path to HITT is different, but equally inspiring. In 2013, Dee Escobar began her tenure with the company in our production room. She had such a positive experience that she encouraged her husband Steven to apply; he in turn, encouraged his father Rafael to follow suit.

Since then, the Escobar family has found success in their individual roles, moving up the ladder and expanding their responsibilities. “I originally encouraged Steven to apply because the experience here is so rewarding,” said Dee, now an accounts payable associate on our Corporate Accounting team. “This company acknowledges hard work, and we’ve seen that play out in our time here.”

Steven, who is shifting his role from project manager to superintendent, feels similarly—in fact that’s what pushed him to encourage his father to apply. “I’ve learned a lot from my dad,” said Steven. “He took me on jobsites when I was a kid and taught me the important lesson that it takes hard work and dedication to be successful. My dad has strong carpentry skills, and I wanted him to have consistent work somewhere that valued his abilities. I’m glad he’s here at HITT putting those skills to use, and as a superintendent, I’m glad to be getting back to the roots he instilled in me.”