Anniversary Story

Friday Flash

With coffee cups in hand, team members file into The HITT Way, filling our large training room row by row. It must be the caffeine, because despite it being 7:30 on a Friday morning, the room is buzzing with energy.

Every week, our Friday begins with a half-hour company meeting known as the Friday Flash. It’s an opportunity for us to come together to hear of lessons learned, best practices, and innovations from our colleagues across sectors and departments.  Interesting and informative topics like “Leveraging LinkedIn”, “The Manipulation of Light”, “Force Majeure and Weather”, and others help to broaden our workforce knowledge, regardless of our areas of expertise.

This is more than just an informative meeting—it’s a chance to connect with colleagues. Before things get underway, our newest team members introduce themselves and share a bit about their background to a captive audience eager to meet the latest talent to join HITT.

What started as a weekly Project Managers’ information meeting has transformed into a key communication platform for all headquarters team members, including corporate resources. The tradition has expanded to our regional offices, helping keep us connected across time zones.

“Each presentation is a bit like a TED Talk,” said Recruiting Manager Nazanin Codd. “Topics aren’t just informative, they’re inspiring. I leave each meeting having learned something new—about the industry, our company, and my team mates.”