Anniversary Story

The Founders

Warren & Myrtle Hitt

As far as origin stories go, ours is common lore to HITT employees. The names of our founders are familiar to those who work here—after all, their values still guide the company today.

Warren and Myrtle Hitt could hardly have predicted that the decorating company they founded in their Arlington, VA home would grow to be a nationally ranked general contractor with offices across the country. Though their dreams were likely far more humble, the values they founded the company on continue to guide our purpose today.

There were no conference rooms, no desks, and no office when the company opened. Run from the couple’s dining room table, W.A. HITT Decorating Co. had just six employees to start. The first project was an enclosed porch at a private home in Falls Church, VA; seventy-six years later, we built our new headquarters in the same town.

While the meaning of the American Dream may have shifted some since 1937, we each continue to pursue our goals and honor the vision that launched this company. Perhaps we do it because we’re a family business, and perhaps it’s because this business is a family.