Anniversary Story

Erik Kandler

When team members move up the ranks in the company, their responsibilities understandably grow. Since developing from a senior project manager to vice president, Erik Kandler has shifted his focus from project-specific responsibilities to broader, team-related goals.

“My team is the reason I get up every day,” he said. “This group has a ton of drive and ambition—two things you can’t teach. That attitude is what pushes me to do what I do.”

Erik’s goal is to provide a springboard for young talent coming up through our HITT Futures program, and he strives to win projects that will allow them to grow and have opportunities. One of those key projects is the new NCR (originally National Cash Register) Global headquarters, which the team is currently building in Midtown Atlanta.

“I’m incredibly proud of the NCR headquarters project,” said Erik, referring to the team’s recent win of the new 500,000-sf interior construction project. “With a project of this scale, I’m confident our team can compete for larger and more complicated projects in Atlanta and the surrounding area.”

He’s a known champion for the future talent at HITT Atlanta, and credits Executive Vice President Ryan Bixler and Senior Vice President Roger Delaney with influencing that advocate mindset. The two leaders have been a constant throughout Erik’s time in the office. “As a pair, they complement one another very well,” explained Erik. “They have different strengths, but the combination is extremely effective.”

In the field, Site Operations Vice President Phillip Crook provided Erik guidance and direction. “Phillip’s approach to project management and relationship building was instrumental to my development over the years,” said Erik. “He was very patient with me when I started at HITT, and his influence remains today—I call him my ‘Work Dad.’”

The feeling is mutual. “Erik is exceptionally smart and the hardest worker that I have ever known,” said Phillip. “He showed great potential early on and continues to give his best at all times. I’ve watched as he built a tremendous young staff, and am proud to call him my ‘Work Son.’”

At HITT, good leadership is what connects generations. Erik’s desire to empower those on his team will undoubtedly contribute to their success, just as his own mentors encouraged and shaped him.