Anniversary Story

Conquering a Giant

Project Goliath Team

In 2016, HITT Technology completed Project Goliath, the largest data center ever delivered within 180 days. Built for CyrusOne, the 22.5MW, 225,000-square-foot greenfield facility was one of our most challenging and rewarding projects, truly living up to its name.

The project team included lead architect Corgan Associates, engineers kW Engineering and Bowman Associates, commissioning agent Primary Integration, and both MGAC and Critical Project Services as Owner’s representatives.

“It’s daunting to know you’re doing something that’s never been done before,” said Vice President Evan Antonides who led the HITT team. “Our knowledge of the local market allowed us to team with the best subcontractors and tackle the challenging and high risk project timeline.”

Dubbed Project Goliath for the facility’s immense size, the team excavated and hauled off an existing 35,000 cubic yards of extra fill dirt in the first days on the job. To keep on schedule, trucks had to run sixteen hours each day. Challenges abounded from there as the team conquered potential setbacks in all possible forms.

From removing an additional 35,000 cubic yards of unsuitable soil found at the building footprint, to self-mobilizing to conquer three feet of snow on the jobsite, the team never faltered in the face of difficulty. While other sites were closed for five days following the massive January 2016 snow storm, the quick action of the HITT team had crews back on-site at Goliath in 48 hours.  

They persisted, even when a pre-fabricated electrical distribution container arrived unannounced, ten days past its original scheduled delivery. The team immediately re-mobilized a 550-ton crawler crane and had the container rigged, set, and terminated within five days to maintain the original start-up schedule.

While the snow fall in 2016 was historic, so too were the rain showers the team endured for more than 23 days. Again, they managed to keep the critical path on course, proactively adjusting the exterior site activities to maintain the original schedule. With added cleanup and second shift roofing crews, the team ensured the data center remained watertight.

Fate seemed to intervene yet again when a failed electrical switchboard was discovered during commissioning. Along with the electrician and equipment vendor, the team turned things around. Working 72 hours straight, they had a new board delivered from Dallas and were able to get it installed and ready to resume testing without impact to the final commissioning timeline. The last stage of commissioning was completed not long after and Goliath passed the final integrated systems test two days ahead of schedule.

A record-setting 180 days later, the team delivered the project on-time, commissioned and occupant-ready for CyrusOne. Tenant move-in commenced and Goliath was conquered.

“This team never made excuses. There was a desire to keep the project moving and never let ego get in the way,” explained Evan. “With 26 HITT staff members on Project Goliath, it took complete team alignment to accomplish our mission and take down the giant.”

Laramie Dorris, CyrusOne Vice President of Data Center Design and Construction added: “There simply is not a path to get here without a selfless team that's committed to not only the cause, but to supporting each other's success. To date in my professional career, the single greatest honor I've had is to be a part of this Project Goliath Team.”