Anniversary Story

Behind the Network

While our team members may not be working 24/7/365, our network certainly is. HITT has grown into a billion dollar organization with Clients and team members from coast to coast, and it’s critical we ensure our information is accessible and protected at all times.

That’s no small task, but our IT team is up to the challenge. Under the direction of John Barrett, vice president of information technology, the team responds to service requests, establishes important training, and keeps our technology systems running seamlessly. Regardless of the task, the IT’s approach is customer-focused—delivering attention, assistance, and innovation to our HITT offices nationwide.

One of IT’s newest innovations is IT Shark Week, a program aimed at educating and empowering team members to better use the tools and technologies available. This includes training on our AV systems, construction-specific software, and cyber security. All of the content is created in-house, and is injected with the team’s signature levity and humor. Following the 2016 Shark Week, we’ve seen a dramatic drop in the amount of ransomware and virus infections, stronger passwords being created across the company, and generally more self-reliance from HITT colleagues.

Aside from keeping us functioning, IT strives to unify technology across our 12 national offices. Having added three new locations in the last 18 months, John and his team have had their hands full switching networks, integrating phone systems, and ensuring a consistent employee experience across offices. In between solving critical issues and implementing new systems, the IT team builds their own connections, coming together for friendly rounds of golf, Minute to Win HITT games, and other challenges. “We’re a closely bonded group,” explained John. “We care a lot about what we do, but we also have fun doing it.”

From a digital yule log during the holidays to their signature robot, it’s no company secret that this team is seriously funny! A great sense of humor, strong bonds, and a shared focus on their internal clients makes the IT team some of the most in-demand folks at HITT. They keep us informed, protected, and admittedly entertained.